Magus – 1st issue – The Enlightened One

Gary REED (Scénario) – Brent SPECHER – Craig BRASFIELD – LAVAL NG (Dessins) – Bill NICHOLS – Bradley WALTON – Larry SHUPUT – LAVAL NG – Gary SKEHAN – Jim SCHUMAKER (Couleurs) Brent CARPENTER – Nathan PRIDE (Lettrage). Caliber Comics. BD. 1999

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4ème de couverture
Epic conclusion that could only be contained in a double sized issue. Lilith puts her plan into effect in order to save the life of her father, The Magus. The ancient legacy of the « Old Ones » is revealed and also how one man, delirious for revenge, embarks on a path of immortality in order to continue his crusade. And ultimately The Magus reveals his true power.