Magus – 1st issue – The Enlightened One

Gary REED (Scénario) – Brent SPECHER – Craig BRASFIELD – LAVAL NG (Dessins) – Bill NICHOLS – Bradley WALTON – Larry SHUPUT – LAVAL NG – Gary SKEHAN – Jim SCHUMAKER (Couleurs) Brent CARPENTER – Nathan PRIDE (Lettrage). Caliber Comics. BD. 1999

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4ème de couverture
Epic conclusion that could only be contained in a double sized issue. Lilith puts her plan into effect in order to save the life of her father, The Magus. The ancient legacy of the “Old Ones” is revealed and also how one man, delirious for revenge, embarks on a path of immortality in order to continue his crusade. And ultimately The Magus reveals his true power.